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Nearly a year as a matter of fact. I just don't have a lot of share, for values of share that equal typing something up to a journal that no one reads because I haven't been typing things up.

My friends aren't much for journaling, and most of the ones I left behind when I moved (physically, not journal service moves) have drifted off. Making new ones has been hard. Without work outside the house it's hard to meet people. The SO is doing better on that front by having to leave the house to work and therefore having co-workers to befriend. I meet them occasionally and they are nice, but I don't see them enough to be more than "So-and-so's partner".

I'm socially isolated but I am content. I keep busy, but I really could use a job; one that lasts more than a few months before the shop closes down. :P I'm afraid I can't quite believe anyone that claims the economy is improving.

So I guess I'll post again when I have something to say, or notice it's been about a year again. XD


May. 14th, 2011 12:02 am
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I really don't know if I should bother posting just to avoid an inactivity purge, but at the same time I'm not willing to surrender my name.
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GreatestJournal is official deceased, complete with 403 error message. It held on far longer than I thought it would before entropy caught up with it.

LiveJournal has been eaten by The Nothing. I'm not getting any sort of error or status message there, not even a "can't connect" thing, just a blank window.

And IJ, poor dear, is sluggish. I guess everyone moved over here when LJ went off.
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I just finished rewatching Wolf's Rain, so forgive a bit of fannish quiz spam. At least I cut it, right?

I'm not sure I agree, but then there weren't that many options. )
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It's cold, there snow expected on Friday, I want some green and flowers and weather warm enough to go out in just a sweater or a denim jacket.
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Wow, it's been a long time since I was active on my journals. I see LiveJournal has continued to make dubious business decisions while I was gone. InsaneJournal seems to be the best option for a new location. I was torn between here and GreatestJournal but apparently the latter isn't living up to its name.

Anyway, we're officially moved in, the last box has been unpacked. I found a job at the local craft store so that's cut down on the amount of time I have to manage the house. I don't need the job really, my SO makes enough for both of us, but it's a bit tighter than it was with the higher cost of living here. And I don't have the network of friends and family here to get me out of the house regularly. The employee discount doesn't hurt either.

We've taken the basement and finished up the finishing enough to make it a viable craft and art space, which makes doing laundry not that much of a chore. I can work on projects while waiting on the washer and dryer. That's much more convenient than our old set up with the rental space, though it might be a bit cramped if we take a trip to recover the rest of our supplies from where we left them in storage. We have time to work out the kinks in the system before then, I refuse to move cargo in winter when I don't have to.
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The other half has accepted the job offer, a house has been rented (a house! It's cheaper than the apartments in the area!) and the packing has begun.

We have a lot of stuff between the two of us. It didn't seem like that much when we started, the apartment isn't that big, but then we had to face the storage unit/studio/work shop....

Yeah. Two creative and artistically minded people collect a lot of things as potential art/craft supplies and giving them a storage space with lots of shelving? Not a good idea. I think we'll have to grab the tools and supplies we use most/will use in the immediate future and continue paying on this unit until we/I can come back and sort it into "stuff to move", "stuff to sell", and "stuff to get rid of somehow" piles. I also need to investigate the possibility of transferring this unit to my uncle, it would save a lot of headaches.
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The other half has a really good job offer so we're going to go investigate the area and hopefully find affordable housing within a reasonable commuting distance. Assuming we can, or that we at least determine that housing costs plus commuting costs won't make the new higher paying job pay less than the old one, the offer will be accepted and the packing will commence.

If we're really lucky we'll be able to make the decision quickly and I'll won't be stuck packing and moving the bulky stuff by myself while the SO is off in an empty apartment camping out on the floor and commuting to the new job.
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It occurred to me, as I'm getting my (now) multiple journals into some sort of shape, that at this point in time a journal is a person's online skin. How appropriate that I, someone very interested in the folklore takes of people and supernatural beings that can change their form by changing skins, now have multiple journals.

Maybe I should consider this thought a bit more and decide how far I want to take it into my approach to my journals.


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