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Nearly a year as a matter of fact. I just don't have a lot of share, for values of share that equal typing something up to a journal that no one reads because I haven't been typing things up.

My friends aren't much for journaling, and most of the ones I left behind when I moved (physically, not journal service moves) have drifted off. Making new ones has been hard. Without work outside the house it's hard to meet people. The SO is doing better on that front by having to leave the house to work and therefore having co-workers to befriend. I meet them occasionally and they are nice, but I don't see them enough to be more than "So-and-so's partner".

I'm socially isolated but I am content. I keep busy, but I really could use a job; one that lasts more than a few months before the shop closes down. :P I'm afraid I can't quite believe anyone that claims the economy is improving.

So I guess I'll post again when I have something to say, or notice it's been about a year again. XD


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